Consulting Services

CHP provides consulting services to launch your turn key detox program.


Stress free solution

Our turn key solution for a detox program provides a stress free way to generate revenue while helping to solve a national substance abuse crisis.


Business Service Development

You continue to provide excellent patient care, while we manage the business development.


Our Solutions

  • Evidence-based medication protocols designed by psychiatrists and tailored for the treatment of alcohol, benzos, and opiate addiction
  • Cynergi’s proprietary virtual reality tools, which uses soothing imagery and sounds along with proven psychological techniques to reduce apprehension and panic during withdrawal. This makes the medication-assisted detox process easier and smoother
  • Marketing and Branding – we establish a Cynergi Health Partners’ location at your hospital to brand and market your detoxification program
  • Community outreach and business development – a dedicated Cynergi staff member helps build your program in our community
  • Admissions representative – a staff member is available by phone to educate and screen patients who may be a good fit for your program
  • We facilitate relationships with reputable telehealth partners who provide access to consultations with addiction medicine providers
  • We provide change management consulting
    Staff training – education is the first step to empathy and providing high quality care; we provide education and training to all staff members along the care continuum.
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Our Advantages

Proven approach helps to efficiently address wide range of conditions, while requiring minimal additional human and financial resources

Increased clinical revenue and improved utlization of facility staff, beds, and support services.

Broaden your patient base, help people reclaim their lives, and improve your bottom line.

Minimal additional administrative and paperwork burden on your organization.

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Case study: Kyle ER & Hospital

Kyle ER & Hospital, located 20 miles outside of Austin, TX, is a community Hospital focused on providing high quality, concierge care. Within 6 months of launching the Cynergi Health Partners Detox Program, Kyle ER & Hospital was successful. They dramatically increased their inpatient volume by three fold, and substantially increased associated revenue. Additionally, as one of the pioneering providers of a short inpatient medication assisted detox program, they attracted patients from across the state. Their success story was featured at the Consumer Electronics Show, Digital Health Summit

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For Clinicians

As our country faces a substance abuse epidemic, we as healthcare providers must do something. One of the most effective treatment options for alcohol and opiate abuse is medication assisted treatment. Numerous studies have shown that MAT decreases opioid use, opioid-related overdose deaths, criminal activity, and infectious disease transmission. 7,8,9,10 Additionally, patients are more likely to  remain in treatment if they have received medication.8 Thus, we’ve made it our mission to help increase access to MAT at community hospitals.

Additionally, we’ve taken a holistic approach to care and are offering patients our suite of virtual reality programs to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, panic, and pain during the withdrawal process.

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