Reasons Relapse Happens

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Relapse is a big problem in the alcohol and drug addiction recovery process. However, you need to understand that relapse does not mean that the treatment process has failed! It only means that you need to readjust the treatment plan.

According to research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, forty to sixty percent of people who go through recovery programs relapse. In fact, most people have multiple setbacks before finally achieving full recovery. So how do you prevent a relapse?

Why Does Relapse Occur?

Before you can know how to prevent relapse, it’s essential to know why it happens so that you can recognize the signs in yourself or someone you loved and get help. Below are a few reasons why relapse occurs:

• Lack of belief in yourself.

• Lacking unselfish life goals.

• Feeling constant or high levels of anger.

• History of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

• Believing that relapse is a personal failure.

• Lacking a support system of people who believe in your recovery.

• Living with other people who have substance use disorders.

• Not prioritizing relaxation, healthy eating habits, or exercising.

• Experiencing a traumatic life event such as death, unemployment, ending a relationship, etc.

• Revisiting old hangouts that are associated with prior substance abuse.

• Can’t separate yourself from friends and family members who continue to abuse drugs or alcohol.

• Struggles with feelings of boredom, isolation, depression, or anxiety.

• Thinking everything is good, and you no longer have to work at recovery.

• Consuming a lot of heavy drinks during a big event or celebration such as Christmas party, Thanksgiving, Superbowl Sunday, and many more.

• Symptoms of mental illness become too hard to bear, and the addicted individual attempts to self-medicate.

Avoiding most of these factors is helpful when you’re in recovery. Others can be challenging to control, especially when you or a loved one is already in a vulnerable emotional state.

Preventing Relapse

It’s important to know that completing rehab is not the end of recovery but only the beginning of the journey through recovery. Even if you take every step possible to avoid a relapse, there’s still a chance that it may happen. Below are a few ways to prevent relapse:

• Don’t get complacent

• Pursue new hobbies and interests

• Exercise regularly and eat healthily

• Speak to someone about the urge to use

• Clear the home of drugs and alcohol

• Surround yourself with only positive influences

• Avoid places where alcohol or drugs may be present

• Attend recovery meetings and other addiction aftercare services

• Reentering a residential treatment facility is sometimes necessary

• Understand the thinking patterns that have led to substance abuse in the past

Getting Help With A Relapse

If you or someone you love is struggling with the potential or reality of relapse, there is help available. Contact Cynergi Health Partners today to learn more about the best ways to prevent and treat relapse. If you are ready to take the first step in asking for help, we’re willing to invite you into our treatment center to begin the road to recovery.

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