Our doctors have created a unique proprietary virtual reality software that can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety or panic during withdrawal


We use specialized medical protocols during the entire process tailored to each individual

Our trademarked virtual reality program:

This program was specially designed for our patients by one of the top Harvard-trained psychiatrists in the country

Studies have shown that VR can help significantly reduce anxiety and panic symptoms

This cutting edge holistic program is unique to our partner facilities and helps set them above the rest when it comes to advanced recovery care

Research supports the effectiveness of virtual reality:

VR for anxiety is effective.

Powers, Mark B., and Paul MG Emmelkamp. “Virtual reality exposure therapy for anxiety disorders: A meta-analysis.” Journal of anxiety disorders 22.3 (2008): 561-569.

  • VR Exposure therapy (VRET) is better than waitlist control;
  • the post‐treatment results show similar efficacy between the behavioral and the cognitive behavioral interventions incorporating a virtual reality exposure component and the classical evidence‐based interventions, with no virtual reality exposure component;
  • VRET has a powerful real‐life impact, similar to that of the classical evidence‐based treatments;
  • VRET has a good stability of results over time, similar to that of the classical evidence‐based treatments;
  • there is a dose–response relationship for VRET; and (6) there is no difference in the dropout rate between the virtual reality exposure and the in vivo exposu

Opriş, D., Pintea, S., García‐Palacios, A., Botella, C., Szamosközi, Ş., & David, D. (2012). Virtual reality exposure therapy in anxiety disorders: a quantitative meta‐analysis. Depression and anxiety, 29(2), 85-93.

Virtual reality rehabilitation (VRR) can be more effective than traditional rehab programs

Howard, M. C. (2017). A meta-analysis and systematic literature review of virtual reality rehabilitation programs. Computers in Human Behavior, 70, 317-327.