Why choose Cynergi Health Partners

Leading Addiction Specialists

Our protocols are developed by Harvard trained physicians who understand the subtleties of medical detox. Our doctors have spoken at over 100 medical conferences and have been featured in numerous publications.


Innovative Technology

Our virtual reality program helps to alleviate worry and stress in patients who face the anxiety around starting their addiction recovery journey


Proprietary Detox Protocols

Our specially formulated protocols are customized to each patient to help minimize their withdrawal symptoms and maximize their comfort.


Discrete, Compassionate Care

All of our locations are specifically chosen to provide discrete and compassionate care close to home.


For Our Hospital Partners

Today’s community hospitals are facing more challenges than ever before: decreasing reimbursement, regulatory changes, new entrants, and disruptive technologies.

While navigating these macro-environmental complexities, executives must prioritize improving the health of their communities and remaining profitable.CHP creates turn key Detox Units, to help patients who need it most, while providing a stress free, hands off source of revenue for community hospitals.

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Who we are:

We create excellent innovative care that promotes individual and group growth.

As physicians and entrepreneurs who had seen friends and patients suffering from addiction, we wanted to create a solution. We were tired of repeatedly seeing the same story: an accident resulting in a patient getting addicted to prescription drugs and then overdosing on street drugs several years later because they couldn’t get anymore refills on their prescription drugs and were unable to get medical help. We saw people die because they were trapped in a vicious loop and we wanted to help them find a way out.

The care we provide is excellent and for this reason we only partner with companies that have the highest standards of care and are committed to improving the health of the communities.

The care we provide is innovative:

  • We created our 3-5 medical detox program as a way to provide care to the maximum number of people and professionals who can’t always take off 30 days for rehab: once the first step (detox) has been taken, we work with each patient to decide what the best following steps will be for their situation.
  • Our virtual reality program is tailored to each patient and helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress and pain during withdrawal and can cut down on the amount of medicine needed

The care we provide promotes growth on two levels:

  • Individually: Our main goal is that patients receive the care that they need so that they can go back to enjoying their lives
  • Hospital/community growth: This program provides hospitals with another source of revenue while providing a much-needed service to the community. More importantly, it allows hospitals that are in a financial predicament to stay open so that they may continue providing medical care to their community. The lack of medical services, and especially access to primary care, is a big part of the urban-rural divide and this is one of many ways to address it. Helping hospitals stay open and continue to provide their vital services is extremely important to Cynergi